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What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. 


-Abraham Maslow

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My Approach

My approach is humanistic and existential. I focus on the individual, not on categorizations or labels. I tailor each treatment plan to meet the individual and unique needs of every single client. I help clients to become more self-aware and to understand what he or she might be needing/wanting. 


My intention is to help clients concentrate on the here and now while offering empathy, understanding, and compassion. By creating a supportive environment, it is my belief that individuals will feel safe and welcomed. I believe in creating a space that allows for open communication without the fear of judgement. I have found that this safe space is a critical component to therapy and helps to foster strong rapport. 

Furthermore, I place emphasis on the search for meaning in life, and ways to feel more purposeful, including understanding and exploring our responsibility and freedom.


It is my belief that every individual is capable of self-awareness and meaningfulness, sometimes we just need a helping hand. 

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